How things got started

On a cold winter day in January, Bram van der Veer started his first price comparison website from his bedroom in Alkmaar. This proved successful pretty quickly and in the next couple of years a lot of other comparison websites were set up. Thereafter the name REBEL Internet BV was adopted and an office in the centre of Amsterdam was opened. From there REBEL Internet has grown into a company with 25+ employees, with projects in different niches and countries.

Nowadays, REBEL Internet can be split into 4 divisions:


Why we don't call ourselves a startup

Some would call us a startup, or a collection of startups (a so called startup studio). Besides being active since 2008, there are other reason why we think we should not be labeled a startup:

  • We have never received external funding
  • Though we grow fast, we focus on quality over quantity
  • Though we have a ping pong table and a young team, our goal is not to be hipster and startup
  • We lack the startup mentality in the sense that we leave the office at normal hours. We work smart instead of long
  • We stay away from big ego’s and world changing visions while explaining what we do

What we are

Hidden in a beautiful office inside the Jordaan area in the centre of Amsterdam, we are working with a team of 10 people on inventing, building and scaling websites. We are a down to earth team of experts focused on executing. We constantly focus on improving our projects and outsource as many tasks as possible, to stay flexible and nimble. We launch often, and fail sometimes. Not everything is a success, but such failures enable us to learn and improve our existing and future projects.


REBEL Internet builds and runs 80+ websites in the comparison, couponing, content and online services space. With a succesful model of inventing, building and scaling new websites, , REBEL Internet has become active in over 30+ countries world wide. We don’t want to work hard, we focus on working smart. And we might make our competition work hard because of this.

By continiously improving our websites and model, we plan to take on bigger challenges in bigger markets in the future, and thereby becoming a true world wide, well known brand which is feared upon by the competition.