Goal Oriented

We are experts in driving sales. But we can also offer unique brand awareness solutions.


We are creative, we can think along with your campaign. We open to most forms of advertising.


We work worldwide. Working together with professionals all over the globe we constantly start new ventures in lots of countries worldwide.

What we offer

  • Dedicated coupon distribution
  • Banner advertising
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Branded Quizzes
  • Affiliate link placement
  • Be featured in money saving guides
  • Special seasonal promotions
  • SEO expertise
  • Top 10 product list placement
  • Facebook promotion
  • Widget advertising on 3rd party media
  • Website Traffic

Our Partners

Here at REBEL Internet we are always open for new collaborations with other companies. We believe that by working together you can achieve great results for all parties involved. Do you have an interesting business opportunity or would you just like to brain on how to work together? Click on ‘Get in Contact’, fill out the contactform and we will kindly hear you out!