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Who are we?

We at REBEL Internet have been setting up, improving and buying websites for over 10 years. We have purchased many online concepts over the years. Most recent purchase: in February 2019.

Why Sell to REBEL?

We are always open to new deals. We have spoken to many webmasters over the years who want to sell. Some had run out of time, some had lost interest in the concept and some simply wanted to see some money for what they had achieved. We are open to takeovers in all cases.

We have experience with many types of concepts:

  • Affiliate marketing website (price comparator, product info website or other concept)
  • Adsense / CPC website

And meets these conditions:

  • Min 75 visitors per day last 6 months
  • No temporary / hype / trending product that will be less popular in 12 months than now

We have extensive experience with buying and transferring domains

A selection of websites that we have purchased:

How does it work?

Complete the form below and we will contact you within five working days. We generally come back within 3 business days with a number of questions regarding revenue and visitors, so make sure you understand this before contacting.

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