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Be valued, enjoy excellent working conditions, and experience real job satisfaction

Who are we?

REBEL Internet is a Western-European Online Marketing Company with Eastern-European senior WordPress partners. We employ talented individuals whose contributions to the growth of our enterprise are regularly recognized. REBEL values its remote staff and works to build a feeling of trust and camaraderie within the team.

The Benefits of Joining Up

By joining REBEL Internet, you’re assured a friendly and productive work environment. We constantly evolve by taking in new ideas, planning out future strategies, and working our way forward from there. With our team of experts, we regularly test out new plans to launch, and we alway improve as a result. We value the inputs of our team members and it doesn’t end there. Remote workers are afforded with a lot of mobility in every direction. This means that you could potentially take on bigger responsibilities while handling major projects on top of your regular developer responsibilities. We certainly provide you with plenty of exciting opportunities. Aside from that, you could also be eligible for the following benefits as part of the REBEL Internet team:

  • Christmas Bonus
  • Job security
  • Salary increase after one year stay
  • Anniversary bonus
  • Sick Leave benefit
  • SSS
  • PhilHealth
  • Pag-IBIG Fund
  • Employee of the Month (EOM) bonus package worth $50
  • Christmas gift-giving activities
  • Close working relations courtesy of regular team building activities

Social Responsibility and Extra-Corporate Activities

Team REBEL Internet is not just about work. We are also involved in extra-company activities where we go on trips for team building activities as well as get involved in volunteer work to fulfill our social responsibility. Here are just some of the images taken during these activities:

One Big Happy Family​

Here at REBEL Internet, we like to think of ourselves as a family. As such, we work to make sure that we grow bigger and happier instead of the other way around. Our efforts and methods have resulted in incredibly low turnover rates, with our remote employees enjoying much better job security than in most other companies.

Team Building

Regular Team Building events help reinforce trust between each member and creates a smoother working relationship.

Be Fun, Be Silly

It’s not just about work. The team also finds plenty of time to have fun and just be silly.

Where the Fun Begins

Togetherness is incredibly important for the team. This is why extracurricular activities are done together from start to finish. From arrival, to departure.

A Helping Hand

The team places a lot of value in charitable work, which can come in examples like livelihood packages given to those in need.

Touching Hearts

The Rebel Internet family is built on love and trust, and the team extends that love and trust to those who need it most. From the young to the old, there’s plenty of compassion to go around.

Here’s What the Family Has to Say

It’s not enough that the company says its remote employees are happy working for REBEL Internet. So here are some testimonials from just a few of the people that you will be working with when you join up:

Being a part of the REBEL Internet family has been one of the greatest privileges of my years working as a Writer and VA. Bram and the rest of the team have been so kind, generous, and supportive. It’s truly a pleasure to count myself as a REBEL.
Recently, I started to work online here at REBEL , and I must say that all the points of having more benefits is real. I do feel them on myself.
Mc Wilford