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We are Hollands biggest performance based publisher

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We Invent

We constantly generate and find new business ideas. After careful consideration we continue with the next step for the most promising ideas

We Build & Launch

With our team of experts, we build the first version of our idea and launch it.

We Scale

Through the use of our expertise in Facebook advertising and SEO, we generate visitors to our venture and scale it

We Improve

If success if proven, we continue to improve the venture and transform it into a seperate division within our company

Our Popular Ventures


REBEL Internet invests in Booking.com alternative Beterboeken.nl

REBEL Internet BV has decided to invest 1,000 euros in the friendly alternative to Booking.com, Beterboeken.nl. This crowdfund initiative has recently started a crowd funding campaign on Crowdabounow.

REBEL Internet sells comparators

Over the past 12 months, REBEL Internet has decided to sell some of its comparators. Our most recent sale concerns the sale of our datingcomparators to Vincent Schutte.

REBEL Internet launches MrPromoCode Zhongwen (Chinese)

If you’re looking for excellent deals, coupon codes, and more opportunities to save when shopping in Hong Kong, visit https://mrdiscountcode.hk/zh. At MrDiscountCode.hk, you’ll find offers to help every shopper slash the amount of cash they spend in top Hong Kong online stores, including Zalora, KKDay, Agoda, and many others. We offer shoppers the chance to […]

The Spirit of an Early Christmas

Rebel Internet has been spreading happiness all over the Philippines again. The beneficiaries of our charity work this year are the children with special needs and children living in poverty. Our team dedicated the 8th of December, 2018 for these children to have fun and feel the spirit of an early Christmas. We made their […]

REBEL Internet launches MrPromoCode Ukraine

REBEL Internet welcomes and launches the newest member of REBEL’s website family: MrPromoCode, Ukraine. MrPromoCode is a coupon website, dedicated to stores and deals from the Ukranian online market. Knowing how online shopping has become increasingly popular for the current time, REBEL Internet gives you MrPromoCode as a response to the rise in demand for […]

REBEL Internet launches new tech site

In a time where there seem to be too many tools and applications that are available for your use, it’s understandably difficult to choose which ones are more efficient and more legitimate than others. In response to this need, REBEL Internet is happy to announce the launching of its new tech site: Alternatives.co. The principle […]

REBEL Internet supports Investigative Journalism

REBEL Internet has chosen its newest beneficiary for its monthly charity work: Corporate Europe Observatory. The gist of the organization is quite simple – investigate into the workings of certain corporations vis-a-vis their privileged position to lobby in EU Policy making, and then expose and challenge such an unfair and biased position. By making Corporate […]

REBEL Internet makes monthly donations for a cause

It has been REBEL Internet’s regular tradition to donate money for the sake of a greater cause. This is something that REBEL Internet has been doing on a monthly basis. In the previous month, the chosen beneficiary was Ethical Journalism Network. The Ethical Journalism Network is an organization that is devoted to providing support to […]

REBEL ends all corporation with Facebook

April 16, 2018 – REBEL Internet has decided to take down all the Facebook pages and pixels from all of its websites. This decision was made in the face of many issues and allegations raised against Facebook, especially with regard to user security and protection. In view of all these questions about Facebook’s credibility, REBEL […]

Amsterdamdiary.com, new addition to REBEL Internet

Rebel Internet has a new addition to its long list of brands; the AmsterdamDiary.com.  It is a travel blog which prided as your personal travel guide to Amsterdam.  Here, you can find up-close and personal insights of everything Amsterdam has to offer.  AmsterdamDiary.com presents every tiny bit of detail how to go about Amsterdam without […]

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REBEL Internet is a young and dynamic company that has been focusing on systematically developping user-friendly websites since 2009.

Being home to many interesting startups, Amsterdam is a great opportunity for Danish people looking for experience abroad. REBEL Internet is one of the Amsterdam based companies which offers expats a challenging place to work.

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