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We are Hollands biggest performance based publisher

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We Invent

We constantly generate and find new business ideas. After careful consideration we continue with the next step for the most promising ideas

We Build & Launch

With our team of experts, we build the first version of our idea and launch it.

We Scale

Through the use of our expertise in Facebook advertising and SEO, we generate visitors to our venture and scale it

We Improve

If success if proven, we continue to improve the venture and transform it into a seperate division within our company


Give Love On Christmas Day

Rebel Internet is happy to share the love this holiday season through gift-giving events all over the Philippines.  This activity aims to foster positive impact in the communities where we operate. Here are some photos of the Charity event held on December 9, 2017:      

New SEO intern Robin Hirschman

20 February, Robin Hirschman started as the new SEO intern. He is a 23 year old student and currently works on finishing his bachelor in Commercial Economics at the University of Amsterdam. During his internship his daily tasks are link building and website optimization. One day per week he is busy with his thesis for […]

New Content Intern Paul Benckhuijsen

On February the 20th Paul Benckhuijsen joined REBEL Internet as our Content & Engagement intern. Paul will keep multiple websites and social media of REBEL Internet up to date. He will also support the team with new and current projects. For his studies, Paul has started with his research paper for MrKortingscode.nl. Paul likes to […]

New colleague: Daniela Brandt

Daniela Brandt is part of the REBEL Internet team since October 1st as a Junior Online Projectmanager. Among other things, Daniela will take care of the comparison websites, especially for the German speaking markets.

New content-intern Asena Simsek

Outgoing, ambitious and a little curious. This is how Asena Simsek, our new intern Content & Engagement would describe herself. Since the 6th of September her job involves: keeping the Social Media channels up to date, writing columns, press releases and articles.

SparPedia.dk is now CO2 neutral

Websites emit CO2 from both servers and clients. However, one of REBEL Internet’s projects, the Danish content website SparPedia.dk, has become CO2 neutral by signing up to the project “CO2 neutral website”.

Couponcode.ng, the first African website for REBEL Internet

With the introduction of couponcode.ng to the REBEL portfolio the company is now also active on the African continent. Couponcode.ng is a discount voucher website for Nigerian webshops.

New SEO intern Mike Wagenaar

Since the 30th of August, Mike Wagenaar has joined the REBEL team as the new SEO intern as the replacement of Beytullah Bulanik. Mike is an ambitious, 19-year old Business Studies student with a marketing specialization.

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REBEL Internet is a young and dynamic company that has been focusing on systematically developping user-friendly websites since 2009.

Being home to many interesting startups, Amsterdam is a great opportunity for Danish people looking for experience abroad. REBEL Internet is one of the Amsterdam based companies which offers expats a challenging place to work.

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