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We are not just a company; we are a fully remote, close-knit team of digital marketing enthusiasts with a global impact. Based in the Netherlands, we have established ourselves as leaders in online marketing, spearheading innovation with multiple brands in digital media, ranking, and beyond. Trust, camaraderie, and a positive work culture define us.

What’s different about working at REBEL Internet

We’re global. As part of an international team, you'll get to share your expertise and expand your knowledge with colleagues from around the world. We encourage collaboration across teams and locations because we know how we can bring forward the best ideas.

We’re growing fast. Our team is growing rapidly, and we're always looking for the best talent to join us on our mission. You'll be a part of an energetic team that moves quickly to bring outstanding results.

We listen. Employees have a voice in what we do. We challenge and support each other to find robust solutions that solve problems for our clients and partners.

Our Core Values

At REBEL, we champion openness, honesty, and radical transparency. Our culture values proactivity, efficient communication, and effective documentation. Join us to embrace these principles that go beyond words, shaping a workplace where transparency, initiative, impactful communication, thorough documentation, and a commitment to testing innovative solutions are the pillars of our collective success.

Radical Transparency

Effectively document it

Be proactive

Efficiently communicate

Let's test it

Join your team

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Experienced Technical VA with wordpress experience
Experienced Python and WordPress Developer
Order Processing Agent - CS 

What we offer

You could also be eligible for the following benefits as part of the REBEL Internet team

Flexible working
Work from
Paid Vacation - Based on Performance
Performance Based
Great culture and international team
Possibility to Learn and Grow

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Our hiring process

Apply for the jobs that match your skills and interest. If you want, link to your portfolio or other examples of work that demonstrate you're the one for the role.

Welcome to the first step in joining REBEL! Submit your application to start the exciting journey of becoming part of our team. We value your interest and look forward to learning more about your skills and experiences.

Congratulations on making it to the screening interview stage! This is your chance to connect with our HR team. We're eager to learn more about your professional journey, discuss your aspirations, and ensure there's a great fit between your goals and what REBEL has to offer.

We believe in the power of skills, and this step is designed to showcase yours! You'll be given a test task relevant to the position you're applying for. Use this opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and creativity. We're excited to see how you approach challenges and contribute your unique talents to our team.

Congratulations on reaching the final interview stage! This is where we delve deeper into your experiences, values, and how you envision contributing to REBEL. It's a two-way conversation, so feel free to ask questions and get to know us better. We're excited about the prospect of having you join our team!

Make an impact. Start your journey now.

Here’s What the Family Has to Say 

It’s not enough that the company says its remote employees are happy working for REBEL Internet. So here are some testimonials from just a few of the people that you will be working with when you join up:

  • Being a part of the Rebel Internet family has been one of the greatest privileges of my years working as a Writer and VA. Bram and the rest of the team have been so kind, generous, and supportive. It’s truly a pleasure to count myself as a Rebel.



  • To be honest without bragging I should give 10/10. REBEL is the first company in my career where I truly think that this is a great place to work, the reason being the smoothness & simplicity of processes and systems. And above all, the most cooperative and responsive team.



  • The job description really got me. When I read the job description I was unsure at first but I really wanted to challenge myself and I wanted to go out of my comfort zone. I also knew from the start that joining this company will definitely allow me to learn more about the business.



  • I’m searching for a multi-purpose job because I've already experience in finance but nothing in other fields which I think are also important for my career.

    One more thing is the remuneration offer that you gave to me at starter and also you employed me as a permanent employee, I don't think so anyone would lose such opportunity.



  • I have been working with the company Since May 2022. since every task is documented in the SOP, anyone can work on any task by referring to the SOP The company consists of remote 

    teams from different parts of the world. The team members are polite,dedicated, and communicative to support each other. I will continue working with these interesting team members.



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